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Cooking and Baking: My unending passion and journey into the marvellous world of spices and condiments.

Cooking is an Art

Secret behind any yummy homely dish whether its an easy appetizer or most complicated biryani; I believe its not only the perfect combination of the aromatic spices and flavours in it but most importantly the emotion and feelings you add in it,the patience and dedication to cook and your passion to present and serve it with love. Last but not the least,loving support from your family who share same interest as you in cooking,welcoming and treating guests..all these factors together make any homely dish successful and delicious whether it is continental or traditional;you are an aspirant or professional

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My Cooking Stories

My cooking stories began when I was a child.Born and brought up in a traditional joint family tharavadu at Pala,Kerala where people in the family at that period of late 70s and 80s believed that boys have no role in kitchen and they shouldn’t be spending time in Orapura and Chayippu-a large area of the house which was mainly managed and led by female members and domestics in the family where male members hardly entered. As a child I had shown less interest in sports and games with my peers rather I prefered to observe and help my mum in her wonderful cooking and I always got fascinated by the aroma of basic spices and condiments and its different flavours which magically transform all ingredients into a mouthwatering dish.