Knowing Me and My Blog

This is me Sujith Thomas,a Paediatric Sleep Physiologist by profession who works at one of the busiest Children’s NHS hospitals in London at their department of sleep medicine.Cooking is my passion and interest that grew along with me.I thank God the Almighty for blessing me with the gift of cooking skill.To me every little thing we own belong to God’s providence and mercy.

Talking about me:
I hail from Pala,Kottayam district,Kerala-a beautiful southern state of India noted for its cuisine, culture and rich heritage.

Born on 8th July as second among 4 children of Mr.Thomas Thekkel and Mrs.Usha Thomas.I did my graduation from Manipal Academy of Higher Education,India. I did a diploma program in Indian cooking from Divine College of Management Studies,Cochin in affiliation to City and Guilds,London to develop my cooking skills.I did a 6 month on job training at a very reputed spanish restaurant La Via Masague,Barcelona in 2005 to get the exposure of western cooking. While living in Barcelona,Spain for about 10 years,I got the opportunity to be trained on fresh fruit presentation and exotic fruit basket arrangements from the well known Mrs.Nives Vidal Pons.Currently I live in England with my wife Diana and sons Daniel and Joshua.

I thank my parents,siblings,in-laws,friends who all are behind me with their continuous support and encouraging words.I thankfully remember my sister Smitha Paul for sharing me articles on how to start a cooking blog.My little sister Sudha for being the first fan of my cooking,my brother Sooraj and in-law Priya for their encouraging words and my dearest cousins who kept motivating me.

I thank my beloved friend Tomson for helping me to create this blog and Jesvin (blogger:The Bookish)for the ideas and his valuable guidance.I thank my loving cousin sister Sabeena chechy who is always behind me to write a blog and asked me to take it as a new year resolution for 2020.My family abroad is never complete without a sisterly friend Binsy who taught me some of the best vegetable recipies and Jibin for his western cooking tips.

Last but not the least the most important person whom I have to thank is to my dearest wife Diana without whose loving support I wouldn’t have made this step.Diana is not only the back-bone of my wonderful family,but she is the one with her ever smiling face gives me 100 percent positive support and encouragement for every little beautiful thing I am able to do.She is my official taster and the one who suggests me how can I improve on my food presentation and cooking skill.My heart goes to my little sweet hearts Daniel and Joshua who patiently letting me to do my job well. Daniel comes and observes what I do and helps me in mixing and stiring at times.

In this blog,I share the recipes that I have tried;there will be my own recipies and recipies that I got from others.I believe and pray that this blog may be helpful and useful for people of all ages who want to learn cooking and improving their skill.

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