Prawn Masala(ചെമ്മീൻ മസാല )

Prawn masala is simple but delicious Indian dish,which is fully packed with flavor. The recipe is quite easy and most of the ingredients are those great spices we expect in Indian cuisine. You can see my cooking video in youtube at Sujith’s Kitchen Diaries or in my blog (Sujith Kitchen Diaries).For the latest videos please…

Cherupayar Thoran

Kanji and cherupayar thoran are the best combination for a simple dinner.In Pala,we used to have Kanji and payar on Good Friday.An easy to make recipe.Moong dal is enriched with vitamins,minerals and protein.

Coconut Chutney

Coconut chutney or in malayalan ‘chammandi’ is a great accompaniment for Iddli/Dosa.This is made of grated coconut (ground)with dry red chillies,ginger,cumin seeds,kashmiri chilli powder,water and youghrt.

Chicken Masala

This is a very simple and easy to cook medium spicy dish.Please note that adding hot chilli powder is an option only if you can tolerate.Otherwise I prefer using only Kashmiri chilli powder..

Tuna Fry

A very simple recipe..I used to enjoy this when I was in Barcelona.An easy bachelors recipe

Beetroot Mezhukkupuratty

Mezhukkupuratty is a kerala style vegetarian dish where the vegetable is stir-fried with spices,chopped onions/shallots.

Gobi Manchurian

Gobi Manchurian:While making this dish it took me back to the memories with my friends in Barcelona ..Back in 2004,when I was attending visa interview at Spanish Embassy in Delhi ,I met a group of 5 guys of my age who were also attending the interview for same reason of pursuing higher studies in Spain.We…

Prawn Masala

Ingredients: Oil (Olive oil) Onions (1+1/2 medium) Ginger (Fresh) 1/2 finger Garlic (Fresh) 3 or 4 cloves 2 Fresh Green Chillies (Birds eye chilli) Tomatoes (1 on vine) Turmeric Powder (1 tea spoon) 1st Coriander Powder (1 tea spoons) 2nd Red chilli powder Pure Kashmiri (non-spicy) (1 table spoon) 3rd Garam Masala (1/2 tea spoon)…

Nool puttu with egg roast

Cool puttu or Idiyappam are popular South Indian breakfast dish made of very few ingredients like rice flour and water. Ingredients 1.5 cups Roasted rice flour  1 1/4 – 1 1/2 cupsBoiling water  1/2 – 3/4 cup Grated coconut  Salt Instructions Combine salt and roasted rice flour. Add boiling water gradually and using a wooden spatula mix the dough. Add…

Meen Vattichathu

Ingredients: Sea Bream/ Sea Bass (2 Fish, normal size) (Head and tail off, Cut into 3 Slices) 1 Medium Onion 1 Green Chilli Ginger and Garlic (Paste (1 ½ Teaspoon) or Fresh (Better)) Curry Leaves (1 Sprig) Mustard Seeds (1/2 Teaspoon) Fenugreek (1/2 Teaspoon) Pot Tamarind (2) Asafoetida (Small Pinch) Salt Oil Turmeric Powder (1/2…