Indian Style Barbeque

As the lockdown rules eases,all of us are waiting to sit outside and enjoy a lovely barbecue in the garden, it is the right time for a family barbeque. Get a head start on the barbecue season and set the trend in your neighbourhood.We had a great barbeque over the weekend with our neighbour friends….

Pidiyum Varutharacha Kozhi Curryum(Rice dumplings with chicken curry made of roasted coconut/spices)

Pidiyum Varutharacha kozhi(chicken)curryum is a speciality dish among the syrian christians in India and particularly among the knanaya catholic community in Kerala.Pidi is a small dumpling made of roasted rice flour,rawa,grated coconut,cumin,salt and boiled water.These dumplings are boiled and cooked in jeera water and coconut.Special Chicken curry made of roasted(ground)coconut and spices is served along….

Baked Pasta

Today I show you an easy dinner recipe:Baked Pasta.Kids will defintely enjoy this.I used fusilli pasta(you can use the ones available).If you are only using tuna chunks then take it approximately 200 gms.I have also added some shredded chicken and brocoli.If you have some leftover vegetables or non -veg in the fridge,you can add that…

Baked Chicken Breast

This is an easy baked chicken recipe for dinner.Boneless chicken is seasoned with sauces and condiments and baked in an oven.A very tasty dish which can be served with roasted vegetables.