Pidiyum Varutharacha Kozhi Curryum(Rice dumplings with chicken curry made of roasted coconut/spices)

Pidiyum Varutharacha kozhi(chicken)curryum is a speciality dish among the syrian christians in India and particularly among the knanaya catholic community in Kerala.Pidi is a small dumpling made of roasted rice flour,rawa,grated coconut,cumin,salt and boiled water.These dumplings are boiled and cooked in jeera water and coconut.Special Chicken curry made of roasted(ground)coconut and spices is served along….

Baked Chicken Breast

This is an easy baked chicken recipe for dinner.Boneless chicken is seasoned with sauces and condiments and baked in an oven.A very tasty dish which can be served with roasted vegetables.

Chicken Masala

This is a very simple and easy to cook medium spicy dish.Please note that adding hot chilli powder is an option only if you can tolerate.Otherwise I prefer using only Kashmiri chilli powder..

Chicken Pasta Soup

Portion for 1 person: 1/2tbs olive oil ½ a small onion or ¼ of a medium onion – diced Salt Small chicken breast – diced in small cubes Rice – 75grams – wash properly and please check cooking time! – we can use small pasta instead (ex. Alphabet pasta) Water ~700ml – you can use…

Chicken Dum Biryani

Ingredients: Basmati Rice (Or special Biryani rice) 2 cups Chicken 1.2kg mixture (Can use different meat) Red onions (2 for biryani) (1 for garnish) Ginger garlic paste (2 table spoons) Green chilli (2 whole) Cardamom 2, Cloves 3, Cinnamon 1 small stick, Star anise 1, 1 bay leaf Mint (1 Sprig) and coriander leaves (Handful)…