Pidiyum Varutharacha Kozhi Curryum(Rice dumplings with chicken curry made of roasted coconut/spices)

Pidiyum Varutharacha kozhi(chicken)curryum is a speciality dish among the syrian christians in India and particularly among the knanaya catholic community in Kerala.Pidi is a small dumpling made of roasted rice flour,rawa,grated coconut,cumin,salt and boiled water.These dumplings are boiled and cooked in jeera water and coconut.Special Chicken curry made of roasted(ground)coconut and spices is served along….


Dosa is a popular breakfast among people of South India and Sri Lanka.Please see my soft Idli video to refer for making dosa batter. Ingredients: 1.Iddli rice-2 cup2.Urud dal-1/2 cup3.White poha-1/2 cup4.Fenugreek seeds-1 tbsp5.Cooked rice-2tbsp6.Salt-to taste7.Water Method: 1.Ingredients 1 and 2 wash and soak seperately for 5 to 6 hours.2.Ingredients 3 and 4 wash and…

Soft Iddli

Iddli is a healthy breakfast popular among people of Kerala,Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka.This is made of fermented rice and daal(lentil)batter.To make dosa all you have to do is thinner the batter by adding water to get the required pouring consistency.Idlis are usually served with coconut chutney/sambar.


Puttu is a traditional and popular breakfast dish of Kerala,Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka.It is prepared with rice flour and grated coconut. Kadala curry is the best combination for puttu.Pazam(banana)can also be served with Puttu.Puttu is an easy to make recipe where the prepared rice flour and layered grated coconut is steam cooked.

Pesaha Appam and Pesaha Paal

Traditional christian community in Kerala make Pesaha Appam which is also known as Indri Appam in some places only on Maundy Thursday(once in a year on Holy week).It is a non-fermented special bread made of roasted rice flour,urud dal paste,coconut,cumin,shallots,garlic,salt and water.A cross is made on the Indariappam with blessed Palm leaves which is usually…

Nool puttu with egg roast

Cool puttu or Idiyappam are popular South Indian breakfast dish made of very few ingredients like rice flour and water. Ingredients 1.5 cups Roasted rice flour  1 1/4 – 1 1/2 cupsBoiling water  1/2 – 3/4 cup Grated coconut  Salt Instructions Combine salt and roasted rice flour. Add boiling water gradually and using a wooden spatula mix the dough. Add…